QuickCA X.509 Certificates

Note: this page dates from our era. We have since relocated to the U.S. and are not actively selling any of these (at least not the crypto products), though we continue to support existing customers.

You can use our CruftyCA to request certificates signed by us. These are low assurance certificates (we don't do 100 point checks, just verification is via phone book and phone call), but useful for testing SSLr* and other SSL based security tools.

For the time being we are also provinding zero assurance certificates from our testCA (same url as above). We refuse to sign any request that looks bogus (comes from the wrong site etc), but otherwise little checking is done. These certs should only be used to verify that the rest of the SSL environment is working, no one should ever trust them which is why we do not make the testCA cert available,

See help/certs for more information as to why you may want to use this service.


We can provide commercial support for Free software. As we explain in our FreeWare support policy, the fact that you did not pay $1000's for software does not mean it is not high quality.

We can support both our own high quality FreeWare, as well as quality free software from other sources such as the Free Software Foundation's GNU code, and 4.4BSD-Lite base operating systems such as NetBSD

There is a lot of quality software aimed at the market of expert users that have populated the net for many years. Many sites these days need that software, but lack the skills needed to install and support it. We can help.


We have worked on and ported code to just about every flavor of UNIX, from Xenix to UTS on Amdahl mainframes. Over the last 10+ years we have ported and bug fixed many major software distributions such as GNU emacs, gcc, and X11. We have also written many Mb of portable C/C++, sh, perl, tcl, ... see FreeWare for some examples.

System administration

We have been running UNIX systems and IP networks for more than 10 years. While we do not offer simple system administration as a service, we can help solve complex system and network problems. Many of the tools we provide are for system administrators and network support groups, again see FreeWare for some examples.

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