As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

This does not mean that free software is not high quality. The packages and tools we make available to the net for free are of a very high standard indeed.

We write these packages and make them freely available, so that we can take them to various client sites and avoid having to continually re-invent wheels (and haggling). This of course means our customers often end up with 1000's of lines of quality code that they would otherwise have paid a lot of money for. But in general we prefer to keep our sanity.

What you get what you pay for does mean is that if you got some software for free, then you do NOT have a support contract. We are always open to (and appreciate) suggestions regarding improvements. We also appreciate hearing of genuine problems you may have. However, our free time is very limited and precious to us, so unless your enhancement suggestion is something that appeals to us, it may take a while (even forever) for us to get around to it.

Having said that, enhancement requests, and problems can be mailed to:

If your site has a thing about only using commercial software, or you would like a support contract, or you want to fund a specific change request, these can be arranged. Just e-mail us.

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