Libsslfd is a wrapper library for Eric Young's SSLeay package and the newer OpenSSL which implement the SSLv2 and SSLv3 protocols. The purpose of libsslfd is to hook the SSL (and other magic) into code which uses normal file descriptors. This allows code that uses stdio for instance to be SSLified with minimal effort. See the SSLeay FAQ for more information about SSLeay.

Libsslfd has been used by the author to add SSL support to:


The sslfd api is very simple. The crypto hooks are implemented via close(2), read(2), write(2), recv(2) and send(2). The rest is just setup and authentication/authorization checks. Most applications can have SSL support added by simply calling ssl_start(), and linking with the library.

CRL processing to check for revoked certificates is included in the default certificate verify callbacks.

See also: ssld(3), sslc(3), ssl(3), ssl_rcmd(3).


Use of libsslfd other than as part of a distribution from requires a commercial license. The terms are very flexible, please for details.

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