Building SSLeay/OpenSSL

As I've mentioned elsewhere I like to be able to share my src tree via NFS and build on multiple platforms. The Makefiles contained in build-ssleay.tar.gz and build-openssl.tar.gz make that easy, and also provide for building shared libs on many platforms.


You need to have a BSD make installed. You need to unpack the makefiles in the same directory where you unpacked the SSLrsh source. You then need to make ssl/build-090/dist a symlink to your SSLeay-0.9.0b or ssl/build-093/dist a symlink to your openssl-0.9.3.a source tree. The Makefiles will do the rest.

$ bmake obj
$ cd ssl/build-090
$ bmake obj
$ bmake
# bmake install
The initiall bmake obj in the top level directory ensures that the obj directories if configured to be symlinks off to a parallel tree point to a real directory.


As most folk know, there are no releases of SSLeay after 0.9.0b, and the OpenSSL project has taken up where SSLeay left off. I have only recently started using OpenSSL, and only built it on NetBSD and Solaris so far. Testing to date shows no problems though.

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